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Clinical Services Offered

I am available to anyone who wants to change and feel better about themselves. I have had many years of experience working with different kind of emotional and psychological difficulties. Therapy can be helpful in many different life situations, such as those listed below.




  • Stress

  • Low self-esteem/self-criticism

  • Depression

  • Work related concerns

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety

  • Couple Relationship

  • Complex relational issues within the family (children, partners)

  • Life cycle changes: divorce, separation, retirement, loneliness, becoming a parent

  • Eating Disorders


I offer sessions at different locations. I practice in North West London at 999 Medical Centre, Central London at Nightingale Hospital and South Molton Street.


Sessions normally last for 50 minutes to an hour. My charge for a session is £170.


It is difficult to have a set number of sessions before an assessment is done, however, within the Systemic Frame Work the idea is that therapy does not just happen within the sessions but also between the sessions and therefore depending on the kind of difficulties experienced the sessions are planned. Normally the length of therapy can be between 8 to 15 sessions and not always on a weekly basis.


I am happy to have a telephone conversation if you have any queries, or are not sure what kind of therapy you may need.


Clinical Supervision

I am qualified as an approved trainer and supervisor by the UKCP and have taught on MSc Family Therapy courses for many years. I offer clinical supervision to trainee Systemic Therapists or post-qualifying supervision. The supervision can be provided with groups or with an individual


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