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Is Psychotherapy right for me?

If you are experiencing difficulties in coping with events in your life, you should consider psychotherapy. Some people can’t identify what is wrong; they just know they want to feel better, or they realize they are being harmful to themselves or others. No matter what your concerns are, if you feel you cannot cope with your current life situation, call to get help.

How long will therapy take?

It is impossible to state the length in advance, it all depends on your life situation and what brings you to therapy. Once we meet, we can establish a plan.

What is the difference between a Clinical Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, and a Psychotherapist?

A psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist are all professionals trained in mental health.

A psychiatrist is a physician, specialized in psychiatry. Only psychiatrists can deliver prescriptions.

Clinical psychologists and Psychotherapists both have to have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology or Psychotherapy and clinical training is part of the degree that they undertake. Holding a doctorate is not a requisite to practice in this country.



My sessions are 60 minutes long and my charges are; £170 for Individuals, £190 for Couples and £200 for Family Therapy. Payment is due at the end of every session (cash or transfer), unless it has been agreed otherwise.  I have a sliding scale for students who need it as part of their training and for some clients who have very low income.

What if I am late?

Sessions are either for an hour or an hour and a half. If you arrive late to a scheduled appointment, it will still end on time and a whole session fee will be due.  

Missed appointments and Cancellations?

You are expected to pay for all appointments that have been scheduled. You are expected to provide 48 hours notice for any cancellations. Any appointments that have not been cancelled within this time frame are due for full payment.

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